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field data collection

and sharing

FieldView helps you easily collect, store, and visualize field data — recording every pass throughout the season. You can also upload data seamlessly from flash drives or other systems. You have the option to share your operation’s data with your agronomic partners, making it easy for them to provide informed insights and recommendations.

FieldView Drive

The FieldView Drive is simple to install and compatible with a majority of equipment types.*

Optional Sharing

If you decide to share your data with your agronomic partners, you have the option to share your entire operation, one farm or single fields.

Most Connected Platform

FieldView is the most connected platform in the industry, with connectivity between our platform and many agronomic software partners. Data sharing is easy, and farmers are always in control of how their data is shared with partners.

*For questions about machine compatibility, visit
or contact Climate Support at 1-888-924-7475.

monitor progress in

real time

Monitor your progress and spot potential issues in real time as you pass through the field, tracking seed population rate at planting, application rates during growing season, and yield at harvest, so you can get the most out of every crop.
I love FieldView, I am a huge proponent of it. I feel like it has made a big difference in our farm and I don’t really say that lightly.
Taya Page
Remote viewing allows you to see maps build even when you’re not in the cab. Available on your iPhone® and iPad® devices.
Instantly track seed population and other key data.
Track yield in real time during harvest.

the power of


The FieldView platform is the central hub of digital farming innovation, providing you the choice to access to a broad and interconnected set of tools from more than 70 platform partners — from aerial imagery, to insurance, soil analysis and more.
Climate FieldView has made it work where you can do whatever you want to do. There’s no unlocks, there’s no massive hoops, it just works on everything.
Dave Spring

You can connect your data through our partnerships across many industry categories.




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